Not much has been going on lately. It’s been cold out with rain, high winds, and gloom that lurks. I’ve been doing a lot of baking and trying to entertain the kids without going outside. I feel like it’s winter and we are stuck inside.

That’s all.


We went camping last weekend to Douglas Provincial Park. Everyday since we have been home Hayden has asked if we are going to Douglas today. I think he may have enjoyed himself.


We headed out there on Friday afternoon and set up our GIANT tent in the blistering heat. Our friends were already out there so they supervised and provided us with nice cool beverages. Once the tent was up it was time to eat so a feast of hot dogs was prepared. The kids were filthy by this time so Day 1 was considered a success. The kids were in bed around 11 pm which I hoped meant it would be an 8am rising the next day.


Climbing the rocksSaturday started at 7am. It was gloomy and windy as heck! We were so excited to go to the beach but it wasn’t going to happen. The winds were gusting at 55km/h! We made a huge pancake breakfast complete with strawberries and whipped cream and then headed out for an adventure. My hubs took the kids up this little rock wall and they thought it was the greatest thing ever. Then we headed to the park to play. 


Saturday evening was gorgeous without a breath of wind. The stars were bright and everyone was happy. The kids drank hot chocolate and watched a movie on my laptop (first time we had quiet in 2 days) and the grown ups stared into the fire and tried not to think.


Sunday was a gorgeous day so we packed up our camp and went for a swim!! The lake is fantastic and isKids at the beach shallow forever. The sand is smooth and perfect for sandcastles. The lake was really really low and we dont’ know why. Perhaps it was let out for some reason (it’s dammed – is that a word?). It was hot hot outside and Chira is the only one who wasn’t a lobster when we got home.  Why do we lube up our kids with sunscreen and then forget about ourselves?


All in all it was a good first camping trip of the season. I realized when we were out there how much stuff I forgot that would have been nice to have. Like way more snacks!! Why is it that we snack constantly while camping? I only brought 1 bag of chips. What was I thinking??



Aurora’s Great Adventure


Me: Hayden, how come you are so cute?

Hayden: Because I am.

(thinks for a little bit about this)



Well pardon me.

Willow Island

Yesterday we decided to get out and do something different with the kids. There was a free family fun event at Willow Island in Wascana Park so we thought we’d go check it out. Free = good. Right?


We get to Wascana Park and line up for the ferry. One would assume that when there is an event on Willow Island, the ferry would be running back and forth quite often and the group would have coordinated with the ferry operator for a discounted rate and increased departures. Not so. After waiting in line (in close to 30 degree weather) for about 45 minutes, we were allowed to get on the ferry. It cost $8 for our family to go about 100 feet. No joke.  They had a free Dragon Boat ride to the other side but we thought with kids we wouldn’t go that route.


We get off the ferry and are expecting to have so much fun, eat some junk, let the kids play themselves out. Turns out Willow Island is TINY. Who knew? I’ve lived in Regina for most of my life and had never been. There was a Dino bouncer, another Dino bouncer thing but it was like carnival games (no prizes of course), a teenager on a microphone being annoying, and a water fight game. I said to Flo “there is no food!” but I was wrong. They were selling raw weiners. You had to cook it yourself though.


Chira jumped in the bouncer for about 2 minutes and was then kicked out by the incredibly enthusiastic (read sarcasm here) operators because two 10 year olds paid $5 to box in the ring. Heaven forbid the 10 year olds should wait 5 minutes so the little kids could play a bit. Flo and I were left kinda looking at each in disbelief like “is this really happening? Did we really waste our morning on this place?” We decided to bail and take the kids out for ice cream to make up for our poor judgement on a family activity for the day.


Ohhh! Swish!


Thank god this isn’t how it is.

Patchy Patch

5-30patchI found Hayden a little cloth patch that attaches to his glasses. Thank God because I was freaking about the BandAid style patches the opthmalogist suggested. He is to wear the patch for 2 hours a day, everyday. 2 hours is a looooong time when you are 2. He’s been doing pretty well actually. He made it today for an hour and a half which is great progress.


I don’t know if it’s a common problem with kids and glasses or not but they are constantly sliding down his teeny little nose. I need to find a solution to this problem that doesn’t involve some stupid elastic going around his head like a total geek. Call me vain but come on. I don’t think so. Someone must have invented something to help kids glasses stay on!  Suggestions welcome!

Chira is 5!

Well almost 5. We make it official on Friday but since she will be busy flowergirling (I may have just invented a word), we celebrated on Saturday.


Chira wanted to spend the afternoon at It’s A Blast with her friends. She invited 9 kids – not counting her brother. We got there at 1pm and the kids played until almost 4! Of course there was a break for cake and presents but those kids went hard! Flushed faces all around. Thanks to all the moms and dads for coming! Here are some highlights.

Beckham, she is not.

My daughter was super excited to play soccer this year. It’s her first real team sport. She is a very social kid and will talk to anyone that strikes up a conversation with her. She likes to play with her friends and run and chase her brother. However, when it comes to soccer, all bets are off. soccer1

As it turns out, she is more into the “team” part of the team sport. She likes to hang out on the bench with her teammates or play tag while waiting for her turn to play. Then when her turn comes, she ever so graciously backs out and allows someone else onto the field.  When she can be talked into playing, she spends a lot of time getting acquainted with grass.


I think my daughter might be more of a thinker then an athlete (although she loves swimming and is disappointed that it’s over for the season). She loves to draw, paint, do crafts that she makes up, and dance. I think I’ll have to find her an art class instead of a team sport.   I don’t even know where to look!


Hayden got his glasses a few days ago and he’s been doing great! He puts them on when he wakes up without prompting and keeps them on all day. That’s pretty remarkable for a 2 1/2 year old.  The glasses must be working because he’s suddenly fallen in love with books. He can see the pictures! We did need to get them adjusted once and put smaller nose pads on and now they don’t slide down his face anymore.

Hayden in his new glasses

We still have to start the patching and I’m dreading it so much you can’t even imagine. I think I’ll start tomorrow morning with an hour and build up to the two hours a day. The optician said lots of kids need to patch for YEARS. I was thinking months. She said “hopefully when he starts school he won’t need to be patched anymore.” Ummm that’s in 2 years. I certainly hope not!

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